How to resolve “Error in establishing connection with TRACES Websocket Esigner” on TRACES?

You might be facing issues with Emsigner on TRACES, In this article I made an attempt to give 100% solution for this issue.

The most common error while signing/validating with DSC on TRACES is


“Error in establishing connection with TRACES Websocket Esigner. Please ensure that WebSigner Setup is installed and service is running on your machine and there are no proxies enabled on the browser while doing DSC activities”

Steps to resolve this error:

1. Un-install earlier Java Utility, that was installed on your PC.

2. Download Java Utility from the below link and Install JAVA 8 Update 162 32 bit version only by using run as


3. Download TRACES WebSigner Setup V 2.0 setup file and right Click on the setup file > click on “Install” option to start the installation.

4. Now restart your PC, then Go to start menu and right click on emSigner and select run as administrator to start the service.

That’s it, now Insert your DSC Token and install required drivers.

And you will be able to validate DSC on Emsigner without any hurdles.Update by the Author dated 12th March, 2019Few of the members reported to me that, still they are facing issues even after following above steps mentioned in the article.And they all are using 64bit WindowsTherefore, I would like to highlight few points, steps and configurations to be taken care of apart from the above steps:1. There is no difference in above steps mentioned in the article whether you are using 32bit version PC or 64bit version PC.2. If you are using internet connection through mobile hotspot, sometimes above issue may be occurred.Even if you are facing the same issue after following above steps, Please try changing internet connection.3. Uninstall all the existing JAVA files and Install only JAVA 8 UPDATE 162 32 BIT irrespective of your PC version i.e., 32bit or 62bit.  You can download the JAVA from the link mentioned in the article.4. Install JRE 1.7 / 1.85. Uninstall all the existing Em signers and install WEBSOCKET 2.0 which can be downloaded from Requested downloads post-login to TRACES.6. Clear all the cookies, cache, history from the Browser. If possible uninstall and install latest version of Chrome if you are still facing the issues.As per me, preferable browser is GOOGLE CHROME.7. Pop-up & Proxy must be enabled on the browser.(By default it should be enabled, if you are facing issues once check that settings)I have discussed and interacted with the IT Experts and in the article I mentioned all the possible steps to be taken care of.After following above steps in the article and steps/configurations updated by me on 12th of March, 2019, you shouldn’t be facing any issues with the EmSigner on TRACES Portal.

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